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An ACTION PACKED WEEKEND OF DANCE and this is when our entire dance community

comes together, in what is truly the highlight in our MID-YEAR curriculum calendar.

For current students only into cārnivalé CHDES teams 

This module is part of our extension program for current students and is not part of your child's normal syllabus core skills training

this experience provides the opportunity for each student to  rehearse routines in class and together during specially designed performance workshops

and perform on a professional stage at Coffs Harbour University with their teams.

Our school's entries into this eisteddfod are based on the number of participants and students are chosen for teams will be based on age,

styles of dance they do, previous and current enrolment; and unlike our other eisteddfods just our SHOWBiZ KiDZ participate in,

we open this eisteddfod entry to our entire student body as it is held in our hometown.


Over the preparation month before the eisteddfod students will come together to rehearse and then perform at the dance eisteddfod

(Weekend workshops 13th/14th May, 20th/21st May and 27th/28th May and the performance inclusive dates are 10th-12th June)

There is a cost involved for four rehearsal/performance weekend workshop sessions at $20 per weekend

(we will rehearse Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning)

and there is $30 costume flat rate hire fee for each dance entered

Depending on the age division and dance style your child is chosen to be in, will depend on which day or days your child will perform

the CHDES Group Eisteddfod is held over the three days of the long weekend

(as soon as the program is released we can confirm your day/s and give an estimate of time of performance)


CHDES Groups Saturday 10th - Monday 12th June


(CHDES production block is from Saturday 13th May - Monday 12th June 2023)

As you can imagine a LOT of preparation goes into events such as these AND CHDES Dance entries close soon

so we can prepare our teams entering the eisteddfod over the Autumn holidays


Find out if your child is eligible

Please submit your EOI by completing the questionnaire below, all submissions are private and confidential

and you will be notified via email if your child is eligible.

Want to be a part of the SHOWBiZ KiDZ for next season? 

We will also be on the lookout for potential students to join the SHOWBiZ KiDZ crew to go on tour next season being Term 3 this year.


PLEASE READ THE ABOVE AND BELOW INFORMATION CAREFULLY and indicate YES or NO in the following fields ...

I give permission for my child to participate in the coffs harbour dance eisteddfod performance module

I understand that this is a one-month block performance schedule and by committing to the eisteddfod performance/s; that my child will need to attend rehearsals, dress rehearsals/photography sessions in the month leading up to and on the day/days of their Eisteddfod performance/s over the long weekend in June.

I understand that there will be four rehearsal/performance weekends involved held at a cost of $20 each weekend (Including the performance weekend) = $80 and this will be added to my Term 2 fees and I acknowledge CHDES charges an entry fee into the eisteddfod auditorium to view on the performance day/s.

I understand that there will be a costume for my child for each dance and a fee of $30/dance (hire/laundering/bagging) will be added to my Term 2 fees; if in the case that I am notified I am responsible for sourcing my child’s costume in whole or in part then I will receive a full or partial refund amount.

I understand that students chosen will be based on entry numbers, dance styles available, 2022 enrolment and current 2023 enrolment - and that my child may not be eligible and I abide by the decision. 

I understand students chosen will be notified by Saturday 2nd April 2023 via email.

If successful I would like my child to be considered for a place on the 2023-2024 SHOWBiZ KIDZ crew.



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