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Carnivalé Costume Dept.


Welcome to Carnivalé Dance Co.'s Costume Dept. in 2016 we will be opening our closet, we have an extensive range of specialty soloist costumes, accessories and props for private hire.  All dance genre styles are catered for: ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and also fancy dress character costumes, and are suitable for ages 3 years of age and over.  


Our product range includes leotards, tutus, two piece costumes, skirts and dresses, shorts and trousers, as well as jackets, capes and shirts; the costumes available have been custom designed and produced with professional tailoring.  Our accessories and props wardrobe is also filled with a collection of lots of tasty treats and new costumes are being added to the inventory all the time.  The Costume Department staff will also provides costume production assistance for solo performances.  


You will be surprised at how easy the process can be, it works in a way similar to that of a library cataloguing system; all inventoried costume items have their own unique barcode and costumes are simply logged in and out.


All costume department business, including returns is by appointment only during normal hours (appointments out of normal business hours may also be available on request); please contact us via telephone or email or to visit our costume department or maybe to discuss your specific needs.  Prior to visiting our costume department please browse through our Costume Dept. Gallery (available in 2016) and note the item/s you are interested in.  This merchandise is not for sale; it is for rental purposes only.  


You will pay a flat fee with a *** refundable security deposit and you get the entire costume including accessories - our "complete" costume private hire is $40 with a $60 deposit for the eisteddfod season. Selected items and individual pieces are charged at a per item price such as trousers only, or shirts or hats only etc.  All rentals are subject to a $20 cancellation fee.  


*** Refundable security deposit is subject to the return of the item/s in the same condition as when they left Carnivalé Dance Co. Costume Department.


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