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End of Year Showcase


At the end of each year the students, staff and team leaders take to the stage at our showcase; performing together, showing their love for performing and celebrating another amazing year.  The showcase is always met with such an incredible amount of enthusiasm, with so many families and friends come along to support our students.  What a great reward to see everyone on stage and its an opportunity for everyone to see what we get to see every day, that is, how talented they all are.  It also allows us a chance to highlight students and recognize hidden talent within the School, with special awards presented to outstanding students in all genres. Students are assessed through out the year on the ongoing development of their personal and performance skills: their behaviour, their support of their fellow school members, enthusiasm, and the artistic quality of their work and also their future potential.  We encourage opportunities such these as they are a vital learning tool; these events help the students to perfect their skills, overcome fears and push boundaries, they learn to support each other and celebrate in everyone’s successes.

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Santa's Workshop

December 2015



Stay tuned ... for all the glitz and glamour of our "Santa's Workshop".  What an fantastic way to top off another amazing year with this "standing room only" event!  Friends and relatives filed in to watch students perform on stage and were presented with a glorious spectacle in this professional production.
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Circus Cārnivalé

December 2014



All the colour and excitment are under one roof and this year's showcase "Circus Carnivale" ... click on the image above to join the fun of the circus ... there are clowns, ponies, showgirls and even high wire artistes.  
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Dreams, Wishes & Wonders 

December 2013



It was all tinsel and glitter at the end of year showcase "Dreams, Wishes and Wonders".  There was a high pitch of excitement when a roomful of eager youngsters prepared to perform together. There was even a surprise visit from the "Fairy Godmother"! What a great reward to see the students on stage showing their love for performance and celebrating another great year.  Click on the image to see some of the great moments from the day ...

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December 2012



in a swirl of sheer talent and high energy toddlers and adults from the Petit +1 classes performing together, as well as preschool students from Ballet, Tap, JHL and Musical Theatre took to the stage at the dance company’s colourful end of year showcase "Rainbow Connection".  A big congratulations to all of the students and carers for a great year and the spectacular success of the event. Click on the image to see some of our future star performers ...

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