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Children learn so much through the creative arts ...

In this day and age of technological advancements and in turn it's anti-social behaviour among our children; Cārnivalé Campus allows your child to escape to the wonderful era of independant interactive play and allows them the space to ... believe, explore, create, dream, nuture, learn, excel and inspire, all while interacting with others how enjoy it as much as you do!


Children learn fast, in fact by the age of 3 a child's brain is already developed and cognitive development refers to functions of the brain such as thinking, learning, awareness, judgment, and processing information.  Postive learning experiences during these years offer a lifetime of benefits and imaginative play and fitness games help children learn more about themselves and the world around them.  They learn to express themselves, appreciate the meanings and values that each artform offers, and whether through drawing, singing, dancing, talking or clapping you can encourage the pathways of your baby’s brain to make new connections.  The creative arts exposes children to the visual arts, music, drama and dance; babies and young children flourish in a stimulating musical environment; teaching children to move, while learning the alphabet, colours, numbers, and other information with special activities stimulates a child's verbal, spatial, and artistic skills. 


Skills children value from dance ...

Increased fitness

Spatial awareness

Exercise feels good





Gross motor skills


Taking care of your body is easy

Skills children value from drama ... 

Self expression 




Number Concepts                           

Problem Solving

Encourage interaction in non-threatening ways

Fine & Gross motor skills              


Social iteraction                          


Abstract thinking


Skills children value from music/songs ...


Social Awareness


Fine & gross motor skills





Self Awareness

Life skills children learn from being part of a team ...

Ability to relate to others

Supporting other students

Waiting your turn

Willingness to accept direction

Willingness to accept correction


Team confidence building

Build friendships

Celebrate everyone’s successes

Perform with friends who have the same creative passion for performing


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