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Olivia Carniato "Miss Liv"
Giuliana Carniato "Miss G"

Cārnivalé Crew


"Remember one thing in life - surround yourself with the best people, take your ego out of the equation and you'll always be successful" ...


Vidal Sasson


Cārnivalé is the place where talented people from all walks of life want to work and play - they are a talent magnet! It is a family of specialist teaching professionals, enthusiastic volunteers, inspired students and their families (our "C.F.C" - Cārnivalé Fan Club). There are countless people involved in helping make Cārnivalé the success that it is; teaching crew, front of house and backstage crews, road crews, our "P.L.C" crew (parent liaison co-ordinators) and not forgetting our resourceful "F.R.A.T" crew (FundRaising All-star Team).  Each and every crew member, student and parent/carer; whether young or young at heart, male or female, bring their own special and unique qualities into their performing family - our performing family will become your second family ... "we perform together, we will grow and we will succeed together".


Cārnivalé even has a unique "Teacher Training Program", which allows senior students to work as junior teaching assistants alongside our teaching professionals; learning valuable hands-on teaching and choreography skills. Our Cārnivalé Crew collaborative is an unstoppable united force, they are motivated, energetic and creative; working together with all of their combined knowledge and experience towards a common goal, to teach a new generation of performers!  



Jamila Grace
"Miss Jamila"

"Miss G", is a beloved part of our production crew; teaching ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. Her high level of technical skill in all genres and life-long performance experience makes her an integral part of our Accelerated Performance Extension Program; her finely attuned musical interpretation and inspired choreography has resulted in her becoming one of our most sort after premium performance coaches.  It was inevitable that dance would become be a paramount influence in her life from an early age and is formally trained in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, cabaret, hip hop and contemporary.  Always continuing to fine tune her skills as a performer and teacher she regularly attends professional workshops and participates in local and interstate eisteddfods, receiving high recognition as a competition soloist and as part of many successful elite performance crews. 

"Miss Liv" is a highly sort after professional dancer/singer/actor, choreographer and teacher.  She performs regularly with and for many prominent choreographers both nationally and internationally.  She always wanted to work in the commercial dance industry and knew in-order to be successful she had to be versatile and excel in all genres.  Her dedication to her craft has certainly paid off; with numerous competition titles to her name, becoming one of the Mid North Coast’s highest awarded dancers.  After completing a diploma course in Elite Performance at Brent Street, Sydney, she never looked back; accumulating a long list of teaching and performance  achievements which includes being listed with entertainment and talent agency Jeep Management and being cast in the dance ensemble of the Australian Opera's 2016 production of "Carmen".


"Miss Jamila" is part of our teacher training program and brings yet another dimension to our production crew; appearing recently at the Jetty Theatre in two of the Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company's successful productions; 'Beauty & the Beast' and 'Hairspray'.  She too has been immersed in the dance world since the age of 5 training in the styles of ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop and voice - which makes her a true triple threat.  Jamila has received high results as an eisteddfod soloist, recently almost clean sweeping her solos at Port Macquarie Eisteddfod and has been a part of many award winning troupe routines. While she continues her studies, she is excited to gain experience teaching and mentoring younger students as she wishes to pursue a career in teaching and professional choreography. 

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