2020 EOY Showcase Production Program


At cārnivalé our school year finishes with an ACTION PACKED WEEKEND OF DANCE and this is when our entire dance community

comes together in, what is truly the highlight in our curriculum calendar, our end-of-year showcase production. 


This performance program is an extension of your child's normal syllabus training and provides the  opportunity for students to not only experience performing with their dancing friends, but also gives them the chance to show all of us the results of their dedication and hard work that they have

put into their training throughout the year - throughout Term 4 students within this program will continue to rehearse, learning aspects of performance production working towards the exciting weekend in December where everything with culminate with colourful dress rehearsals,

individual/group paparazzi photography sessions & group performances.

* our creative & administration departments know we will need to continue to remain adaptable in regards to the ever-changing conditions in running

an event such as this and will adjust our logistics accordingly; but our main goal, for the sake of our students, is that each class’ showcase dance will be

costumed, photographed, filmed and performed in front of an audience size based on the NSW government restrictions in place at the time.


So be sure to save the dates - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th December.

As you can imagine a LOT of preparation goes into events such as these and as we do not want to overlook any students; so it is vitally important

to acknowledge your child’s participation or non participation by completing the questionnaire below.

I give permission for my child to participate in the showcase performance program. 

I understand that by committing to the showcase performance program; that my child will attend dress rehearsals/photography sessions, performances and any scheduled pre-show rehearsals etc. and my Term 4 fees will be invoiced as an 11 x week term. 

I understand that there will be a costume for my child for each dance and a fee of $25/dance will be added to my Term 4a fees; if in the case that I am notified I am responsible for sourcing my child’s costume in whole or in part then a full or partial refund amount will be credited to my Term 4b fees.

I understand a $15 pre-order fee will be included in my Term 4a fees and I will receive start-up package of 1 x individual and 1 x group digital high resolution image from the showcase weekend photography sessions.


TERM 4: Monday 12th October to Sunday 13th December (* 11 x weeks = Term + EOY Showcase Rehearsals/Performance Block*)

During the final month of term 4 it is necessary to adjust our weekly timetable, have alternate Saturday/Sunday pre-show rehearsals prior to showcase weekend this is to incorporate full showcase rehearsal, finale practices and celebrate together with a cārnivalé end of year party .

PLEASE READ THE ABOVE AND BELOW INFORMATION CAREFULLY and indicate YES or NO in the following fields ...

Exclusive to our showcase students only: a pre-order $15 photo a start up package is included in this program, you will receive 1 x individual and

1 x group digital image from your child's showcase weekend rehearsal and studio portrait photography session.

(further images will be available for purchase via our showcase gallery non-showcase students excluded)

For participating students there is a $25 flat rate/costume fee for each class your child attends i.e.:  3 classes = 3 costumes x $25 each = $75. * this fee will either be used to hire or purchase each of your child’s costumes OR if your child’s class is given a costume brief which requires you to source their costume either in whole or in part a full or partial full refund amount may be credited to your Term 4b fees.