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platinum performance division

It sounds cliché but elite performance in definitely .... body, mind and spirit and our platinum performance division training students have a deeper understanding of a their body

and develop an interest in the performer as a whole; nourishing the body​, mind and spirit.



PPD lesson plans incorporate wellbeing topics such as: living a balanced life; safe dance; goal setting and planning for success; we teach students not only to have an appreciation for the physical movements of a performer’s body, but also how to nurture their emotional wellbeing.

Children need to know how their bodies work: how they grow and change over time and about the importance of regular exercise and good food.  



It is important for them to play individual and team sports, and know the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.  



Great technique frees you to be the best performer you can be; so the core of my teaching philosophy is quality technical training and syllabus.  I believe they are the backbone of any artform, of a performer in any genre of dance and any style of voice training and music; having great technique then allows you to enjoy a freedom of spirit, limitless creativity and the sense of improvisation that turns you from a good performer into a great performer with that something “special”.   Combine a dancer, singer or any other creative artist with great technique AND an untamed passion then you will presented with something that is truly amazing, whether it be on stage or in the studio, that will repeatedly be unique, thrilling, vital and contemporary for both him/her and the listening or viewing audience.  


As for their mental preparation, positive thinking is a powerful tool!  Positive people generate positive energy and you CAN change the way you feel and those around you.  We maintain a classroom and uniform etiquette and encourage the non-judgemental acceptance of all genders, dance and performance styles.  We educate our students to care for themselves by choosing to make positive, healthy, respectful choices in their life.  Successful performers are self motivated, wanting and eeilling to learn, ready to achieve their best on a daily basis and ultimately forever!  These are all fantastic life skills to learn ...




When it comes to elite performance, no matter what their age, students will need to be fully prepared; they will need to be emotionally, physically and mentally connected.  It is essential to have not only a great physical preparation but a supportive mental and spiritual foundation as well;  students will need a pre-performance, peak-performance and post-performance program care schedule in place and this will be their "secret" to performance success.

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