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Everyday we have the privilege of helping students build their self esteem and along with their family and friends, we witness their pure joy as they achieve significant milestones, and that in itself is a true blessing.


"Thank you for helping me make my creative dream come true by allowing me to teach your children.  I have been continually humbled with the incredible amount of enthusiasm and support I recieve everyday from our students, their families and friends. Thank you for encouraging your children to explore the creative and performing arts, and finally but most importantly ... to the students.  Thankyou allowing me to smile everyday just by being a part of your lives, throughout the year we watch each student’s progress seeing them grow both personally and artistically, we witness firsthand the growth in their confidence and performance skills, that is why I love what I do.  As a teacher there is no greater satisfaction than to hear from some of your students and their families".


... Jacqueline Carniato, Artistic Director 

Katie Lee

Dear Miss Jacq,


Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for Katie.  The showcase was fantastic and everyone had a brilliant experience.  Katie has just absolutely fallen in love with ballet and dances around the house ALL the time and looks forward to her ballet class more than anything.  Through dance she is becoming stronger and more confident and has made some really good friends.  We couldn't have asked for much more from one activity. 


Ben and Loren


Dear Miss Jacq,


Since you became my teacher I have learned so much.  You made me realise that ballet isn't just about doing the steps and hoping they look good, it is about how you do them (and what muscles you use).  You have also made ballet more fun and enjoyable.  But what I really want to say is THANK YOU!




Dear Miss Jacq,


Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given to Ellie and her grandmother - DANCE!  The showcase today was so lovely and it is a memory I will treasure.  You have such a wonderful manner with the children and I wanted to thankyou so much for what you give to Ellie.  Your energy and care your have for the kids is incredible and appreciate all of your efforts.


Sally and Brad 


Dear Miss Jacq,


As always, thankyou for your enthusiasm, vitality and dedication, Alex always looks forward to her time with you.




Dear Miss Jacq,


Thank you so much for teaching me, you have taught me to believe in myself and I am truely grateful.


Miss Jacq,


WOW! Thankyou for all of your hard work with my ballet and all of your encouragement.  I cannot describe the inspiration and drive that you have given me to continue dancing and especially ballet.  You are such a lovely, kind, caring, wonderful person and you deserve a MASSIVE HUG!!



Dear Miss Jacq,


Thank you for introducing Eva to ballet, she has loved every class and you have been a wonderful teacher.




Dear Miss Jacq,


You are such a great teacher, I have learnt so much this year and my technique has improved dramatically, you have such a great way of teaching all of your students.


Brandon, Chace & Zach

Dear Miss Jacq,


Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the kindness you have shown. Thankyou so much for all of your efforts and supporting of the boys!



Dear Miss Jacq,


I would just like to say how much I appreciate all the effort you have put into making me the dancer I am today.  I truely believe without your help, I wouldn't have made made it this far.  You have made me believe in myself as a person and its only since you have been teaching me I'm enjoying ballet a lot more.



Dear Miss Jacq,


You are so wise and have a world of knowledge which is always so helpful.  You are so enjoyable to be around and your presence always lifts my spirits.I have improved so much as a dancer under your guidence, I love your classes and the challenges that your classes always present.  No words can express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks.


Dear Miss Jacq,


Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals in Ballet.  You are always there for me to talk to and you are always happy and that makes everyone else happy.



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