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Our story ...

Cārnivalé Dance Co. is a performance school dedicated to providing a well rounded education in the performing arts for students from 18mths of age.  Being part of Cārnivalé Dance Co. is an amazing life experience for not only the students involved, but the whole family; as parents and carers witness their children achieve significant milestones.  Carnivalé  Dance Co. is a family unit of teaching professionals, students and their peers; each person is vital and whether young or young at heart, male or female, they bring their own special and unique qualities and Carnivalé's dancing family will become your second family.


Under the creative vision of their Artistic Director and Education Ambassador Jacqueline Carniato, the school operates from one of the most beautiful places in Australia, "The Coffs Coast" (Coffs Harbour).  Its creation has been the result of over 40 years of Jacqueline's involvement with dance and performance, and it is now her vision to unite the Coffs Coast's finest industry professionals and teach a new generation of performers! 


The school operates within the ATOD Syllabus framework.  ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) and ATODI (Australian Teachers of Dancing International) are industry leaders in the field of dance education; having the highest integrity and delivering quality, innovative training systems and services. They inspire and provide opportunities for the national and international dance community to achieve their full artistic potential, having pre-school to vocational grades syllabi in ballet, tap, street tap and jazz, hip hop, contemporary and soon to be released musical theatre.  


Cārnivalé Dance Co. embraces and honours the concepts and values of the original "Carnevale" festivals which can be traced back to ancient Rome and of those that are celebrated internationally today; that is tradition and passion.  They too believe in reviving the traditions of the past and ignite a participant’s passion with a limitless depth of music and dance; while creating a fun atmosphere which overturns daily life.  Cārnivalé embraces the carefree nature of the festivals and encourages their staff and students to take on the philosophy of letting go of your former (or everyday) self and to daily truly celebrate their life through the performing arts.


The company logo is a kaleidoscope of colour and fun; with spirals, plumes and random explosive paint splats.  The star formation of the Southern Cross, acknowledges our pride in the Australian spirit and honours the continuing stream of talented Australian artists who have made and continue to their mark on the worldwide stage ... all these symbols remind us to believe in the extraordinary and that anything is impossible!


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