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Cārnivalé Dance Co. is dedicated to excellence in dance and performing arts training and our aim is to provide a well rounded education in all areas for students from 18 months of age.  Our infant, pre-school and primary classes are interactive and each week new fundamentals are introduced in a fun way based on ideas which correspond with our theme weeks.  The secret to Cārnivalé Dance Co. petit performance school pre-school and primary program's success is the combined genre classes; traditional genres are blended to expose the children to complimentary dance styles within one class.  These classes are a great introduction to the world of dance that is taught by qualified instructors passionate about this art form and specializing in this age group. The classes aim to develop co-ordination of the mind and body without tension and self-consciousness whilst still challenging their imagination. This program approaches reviewing basic fundamentals in all genres: whether it is ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary/modern expressive or musical theatre, all in a fun and creative way and within a general framework; this approach has led to the program’s overwhelming success.    Click on the "INFORMATION SHEET" button above to find out more ...


Big Book Boogie Classes



Tap, Jazz & Ballet Combo Classes


(Stages 1, 2 & 3 - Ages 2 to 5 yrs)

Parents/Carers can make such a difference in their child's play by how they interact with their child and by what kind of setting they provide for their child's play.  Our gorgeous infants and toddlers came along to Big Book Boogie (BBB) with their parent/carer for our "quiet" big book storytime and then "stimulating" music & movement playtime.  “Big” books are excellent, short in length and the pictures are large and draw everyone into the story.  Reading is an important part of the early childhood learning and the combination of a big book, music, song, movement and props is very, very effective.  Weekly themed sessions are presented in conjunction with the ATOD Imagine A place to be Me program and are designed to stimulate the child’s imagination, encourage group participation and create a fun atmosphere for all involved.  Create your own happy memories at the same time ntroducing him/her to the joys of music and dance (not to mention improving your own fitness).



Our school believes classical ballet forms the basis of all genres of dance and is the core of good technique. Stages 1 (Ballet), 2 (Jazz & Ballet) & 3 (Tap, Jazz & Ballet) Our aim is to develop the student's creative passion for dance by learning the highlights from all these genres. These are ideal classes for this age group as they introduce the students to the strong technique, gracefullness and artistry found in ballet in Stage 1.  The co-ordination skill of isolating different parts of the body in jazz/cabaret in Stage 2, and tap dancing which is excellent for developing co-ordination and musicality, the students learn basic tap steps using different rhythm patterns, beats and rhyme in Stage 3.  Each stage has a gradual technical progression in each style while developing a strong sense of discipline in the students but still encouraging the dancer’s individuality.

Petit + 1 (Parent/Carer)


(Ages 18mths - 2 yrs)

Together we help your children discover learning is fun and exercise feels good, we encourage free expression giving the children an opportunity to develop their natural sense of movement outside the confines of technique. Parents/carers directly interact with their child in these weekly themed sessions; they are fun, action packed and incorporate props, fitness games and imaginative play to help children learn, keep focused and challenged. Students can arrive dressed up for the weekly theme if they wish or dress-up items will be provided for use during class time.  They are presented in conjunction with the ATOD Imagine A place to be Me program.  Can’t dance? Don’t worry your child will enjoy and even be fascinated to see you dance and this way you are introducing him/her to the joys of music and dance.



Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop Classes


(From age 5/6 yrs)



Having graduated from the three stage pre-level program, school aged children will have a better idea of which style of dancing they enjoy the most.  So  we offer specific genre classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop. - they can do one or all!


These classes are a natural progression from pre-level grades; students now further develop their skills in each specific genre.  Training becomes more focused, allowing them to concentrate on their ability, pure technique, style, musicality and artistry.  Students also have the opportunity to achieve excellence in all dance styles through ATOD independant examinations, achieving a high standard in examination results may make students potentially eligible for our Platinum Performance Teams.

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