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Researchers in the field of early childhood education say the early years of life, from ages 0-5 is the prime time for brain development.  Children should be exposed to numerous experiences that lead to cognitive development, so that they will have academic success when they begin school.  We want your child to enjoy and appreciate the educational process, so lessons are designed to give children the opportunity to explore, question, communicate and create, in a fun, supportive environment.  For the children in each of these age groups it is important that the classes are kept simple, so we have developed a "combo" class program which includes a mixture of styles of dance.  Progressively we introduce and encourage them to move and listen to different styles music, we even incorporate singing, yoga and drama.  Children who have participated in movement education activities such as these are said to have longer attention spans, increased communication skills, have greater general problem solving skills and improved self-esteem.

Petit Stage 1
(Ages 2 - 3)
Petit Stage 2
(Ages 3 - 4)
Petit Stage 3
(Ages 4 - 5)

Stage 1 is a perfect introduction to the magical world of dance, music and mime.  Ballet is the foundation of most dance styles and it is an excellent point of introduction for children to develop their coordination and poise.  Activites within this stage incorporate specific movements of the head, torso, hands, arms, legs, and feet with an emphasis on posture; including fine motor skills, floorwork, progressions and stretches.


As a surprise element in this stage we combine basic ballet steps with the freedom of movement used in modern dance; the children are given the opportunity to move through space in relation to the music and use their own dramatic expression; all in a fun and relaxed environment.


Each session has a warm up, a cool down relaxation finish and safe dance practices included.


(45 mins)


This level is designed to further develop on the basic ballet skills gained in Stage 1 and now we introduce students to the stronger and more challenging coordination elements of jazz.  


This stage encourages the children to move "differently" to these two very diverse styles of dance and music, and also in a variety of limitless imaginative ways; such as with the grace (ballet) of a butterfly or with the static movements (jazz) of a machine.


Activites still focus on head, torso, hands, arms, legs and feet of ballet but we now introduce the fun kicks and jumps of jazz; and possible step combinations and even short dance routines.


We encourage the students to work, explore and challenge themselves both independently and in group situations; in order to develop their confidence and self-esteem, which is vital at a young age.


Each session has a warm up, a cool down relaxation finish and safe dance practices included.


(60 mins)


This stage of the program builds on from Stage 2, with an even more challenging class, developing more advanced techniques, stretches and jazz combinations to improve the students' performance skills.   


These classes build concentration as we begin to link steps and actions to form short combinations and even be able to dramatise a story; as by school age it is hoped that children will be able to perform dance and drama with movement and expression.


In Stage 3 we introduce the tap basics; tap is an excellent way to develop musicality and co-ordination.  It is so important in all styles of dance to be able to copy a beat of music, either using clapping, counting, tapping or even with percussion instruments.


At the completion of this final stage, students will have experienced all three styles of dance; and are now better equipped to make an informed decision about their preferred dance style/s when moving into specific genre clases, or even better still, continue to do them all!!!!!


Each session has a warm up, a cool down relaxation finish and safe dance practices included.


(60 mins)


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