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Cārnivalé is the place where talented people from all walks of life want to work and play - they are a talent magnet! It is a family of specialist teaching professionals, enthusiastic volunteers, inspired students and their families (our "C.F.C" - Cārnivalé Fan Club). There are countless people involved in helping make Cārnivalé the success that it is; teaching crew, front of house and backstage crews, road crews, our "P.L.C" crew (parent liaison co-ordinators) and not forgetting our resourceful "F.R.A.T" crew (FundRaising All-star Team).  Each and every crew member, student and parent/carer; whether young or young at heart, male or female, bring their own special and unique qualities into their performing family - our performing family will become your second family ... "we perform together, we will grow and we will succeed together".

Cārnivalé even has a unique "Teacher Training Program", which allows senior students to work as junior teaching assistants alongside our teaching professionals; learning valuable hands-on teaching and choreography skills. Our Cārnivalé Crew collaborative is an unstoppable united force, they are motivated, energetic and creative; working together with all of their combined knowledge and experience towards a common goal, to teach a new generation of performers!  

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