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Junior Performance Division 

Early childhood is a vibrant time, both natural energy and creativity are high; it is when learning is fun and children’s eyes and minds are open, this makes it the perfect time for children to explore the world of music and dance. Education during this formative years makes a crucial difference to a child’s development, continued learning and wellbeing. The early learning environment too can make a difference to a child in the long term and Carnivalé provides an array of stimulating variety of visual, aural and kinetic experiences to suit the variety of children’s individual learning styles. How wonderful to be able to educate your children without them knowing it and they have so much fun along the way ...


Their unique BBB, Petit+1, pre-school (Petit Stages 1, 2 & 3) and primary (Levels 1 & 2) programs at Cārnivalé are designed to enrich the students’ minds, bodies and spirits. It uses dance, music, props and play to stimulate imagination, build self-confidence and challenge co-ordination of both fine and gross motor skills all while increasing physical fitness. The Cārnivalé programs are research based and are presented in a fun and creative way in conjunction with the ATOD Imagine A place to be Me program, pre-school and primary ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary syllabi. This approach has led to the programs' overwhelming success; Cārnivalé Dance Co. was one of the first schools internationally to launch in 2014 the new ATOD Imagine A place to be Me program and is presented in both their BBB and Petit +1 classes.


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